Business Talk-The Happy Difficulty As An Entrepreneur

The money won’t come but, the lessons will.

When your doing what you love and have a passion for it. Money should really be the last thing that comes to mind. You have to seek long lasting impressions on your clients/customers. When you provide something for them that strikes emotion. They will come back again happy as you will be seeing them again to repeat your services.

 Timing is everything.

If you hang around with an idea and don’t execute it soon. (No more then 2 days) your idea will get clogged up with other ideas. It’s best to write it down or start it then finish it when you feel your done with it. Sometimes you can start an ideal project and come up with another in the middle of your previous one. You can shelve the old one and go with the new one and come back. Steve jobs did that with the iPad , he had created the iPad and then had an idea to make a phone. Watch it succeeded and then came out with more concepts to finish the iPad.

Passion should be your best friend. 

If you lack passion don’t do it. Simple as that.

Only research that is important, is personal results.

If you research on doing something over and over and don’t execute. Your wasting your time, you can attain the knowledge but not be applicable to use it. How the hell are you going to gain anything from that. When you can screw up and get better after time. You did more then pondering when to strike.

People will try to discourage you.

This one is normal, get use to it. People have poor visions of what they want. They will aimlessly try to steer you in their direction. Those kind of people, don’t get vision. They put their vision on you. That’s why you can’t listen to people when they tell you your wrong about you picking a career path. They are short-sighted and that is a curse to an entrepreneur. Become an expert in your skill and rely on your actions to speak to shut them up

I Got 7 Mac 11’s

What does a song with guns have to do with gentrification?

This was an ode to Notorious BIG who is an hip hop legend from

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

This song is the bases of what happened to Brooklyn after the gentrification. The buildings were rough and the stores were bodegas. When I came from Long Island as a kid. I always expected Brooklyn to be rugged and raw. When I came, I always expect to hear wad up son, yo son. Now I mostly see dog walking and hipsters. Times had changed indeed. When I said times change crowns like ms.universe Colombia chick. My point was like the line, they gave her the crown and took it back. That’s how i seen what happen in Brooklyn. Most of the lower class had the crown and because, they didn’t take advantage of turning the wealth into themselves. They’re now being kicked out from their rental homes to be ironically given to the upperclass.


7 Mac 11’s youtube  


I Put A Spell On You? Why?

How can you name a song,

I Put A Spell On You

This is me, expressing being fed up with someone.

What I mean by, “I put a spell on you” isn’t

magic or hex’s or anything.

I’m saying hey “fuck you” that’s all

That spell is basically me, cursing someone

out or calling them out

for all the disrespect they committed to me.

This is song captures the thin line of losing tolerance.Tyrán Edwards-I Put A Spell On You Cover.jpg

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